I am the author of the article "SHAKE-SPEARE'S Tombe 'Epigramma'," published in the February 1997 issue of GAMES Magazine.  For a free copy of this article please go to the links section.
Dec 9, 1997 USA Today
December 9, 1997 USA Today.  Click on article to go to USAToday.com
"A rose by any other name..."r

This beautiful bronze statue of the infamous Juliet  is part of the the Utah Shakespearean scene in Cedar City, Utah.  At the bottom of this statue there is the famous Shakespeare "rose" quote.  What is engraved on the brick just under this quote is a piece to the puzzle which helps answer the following question:
          "Who wasShakespeare?" 

(For a look at this brick, go to the picture of her on the preview page.)