My name is Charles A. Young and I am an Oxfordian.
This means I support the claim that :
    Edward de Vere,
    the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford,
    was William Shakespeare.
I and a growing number of
Shakespearean researchers are convinced
that an historical injustice has been made,
and that this injustice needs to be corrected. 
For the past twenty years I have been trying to
discover why the world has been kept in the dark
as to who really wrote Romeo and Juliet
What I have found is that fear, bigotry, greed,
ignorance, and apathy are just a few of  the dark
and powerful forces challenging the Oxfordians
In 1924, J. Thomas Looney, an English school master, identified the seventeenth Earl of Oxford as the real Shakespeare.  Since then, numerous authors have published books supporting Looney's claim, but the history books have not been changed.  Most school text books make no mention of de Vere or even discuss the authorship question.  Most Shakespeare pagents give no credit to the real author in their programs.  Ask one-hundred American high school students today if they have heard of a man named Edward de Vere; and if one answers yes, you got one more than I.  And, not blowing my own horn, I have literally surveyed thousands.   
For me, this literary debate has become an exciting entertainment.  However, I fully realize this  controversy has become a full-blown literary war in which there have been casualties.  This web site has been constructed in order to enlist and enlighten those who want to wear the gauntlet worn by the Oxfordians and help try and finish the job J. Thomas Looney started.
Web Site Statement of Objectives:
   1. Convince dramatic producers of William 
       Shakespeare's plays to note in their programs that 
       Shake-speare is the pen name of Edward de Vere.
   2. Importune the Shakespeare Centre of Stratford-
       Upon-Avon to make public "all" of its records
       concerning the construction and renovation work   
       done to and inside Stratford's Holy Trinity Church.
   3. Persuade the curators of the Stratford Holy Trinity 
       Church to allow a full exploration of Shakespeare's
       burial site starting with its off-limits basement.   
   4. Insist that publishers of encyclopedias, classroom
       texts, and the new biographies of Shakespeare
       become up-to-date by including credit to Edward de
       Vere, head writer of the Shake-scene.
    6. Encourage, support, and freely publish any new
        finds which can help those who have been battling
        the Stratford son-of-a-glove-maker myth.

    7. Bring back a trust to our historians by continuing to
        expose the truth.  It doesn't have to be "out there."

"It's a simple matter of   
          Justice."ck here to add text
                           Charlton Ogburn Jr..
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